Brazil has mobilized that Titan will not die, the dog buried alive

The small live buried Titan

Brazil has mobilized that Titan will not die, the dog of four months who its owner, the Peddler, Alexandre Rodrigues, to get rid of it, After having abused, buried it alive. There was the puppy buried under the Earth, during 12 hours, victim of a useless cruelty and without a name, unless someone saw remove earth and got him out still alive.

The citizens of the industrial town of Novo Horizonte, in the State of Sao Paulo, site of the event, they have turned the fight to save the small Titan, in a symbol of resistance, that has jumped much further away from the city of 40.000 inhabitants. Up from the United States, have been interested and offered assistance to veterinarians who are trying it to so that they can save it.

Multipart come to Novo Horizonte, dozens of specialty products to try by all means that the baby will not die. It is almost a challenge against barbarism and they would consider its survival as the best Christmas gift.
According to the veterinary, Viviane Cristina da Silva, Titan situation is very serious because it suffers from a very strong anemia which prevents them from currently operate it.

The owner of the dog buried alive, for which there is already a national and international list of persons willing to adopt it if survives, It has disappeared and he could be jailed for cruelty to animals according to Brazilian laws.

The case of Titan, a totally useless and barbaric violence and the thousands of articles that the case is causing on the internet and the comments on social networks, It has once again put on the table the so discussed subject of "animal rights". Can human torture for free these defenseless creatures?? Precisely these days in Brazil, on networks, the more impressed with the horror of the dog buried alive, children are, whose outrage creates enormous tenderness and at the same time forcing adults to think. Perhaps children, fragile and helpless as his friends the kittens or cats or birds, are reflected, better than us, in the symbolism of the gratuitous violence.

My friend and admired philosopher, Fernando Savater, with who I usually identify almost always and always I have read with use and admiration of disciple, usually defend the animals may not require rights because they do not know the duties. And that violence against animals ( starting with perpetrated in the Bullfight) It is more a problem of aesthetics than ethics.

The truth is that every day more science discovers how animals and not only mammals, they have feelings and emotional requirements and manifestations that occur in the relationships as jealousy, passion, pain, Thanks etc. If they do not know their duties, We know your requirements and needs. We also know that without them, the Earth would be a desert and that often they are those who give us lessons on how to love life and how to be grateful.

Hopefully Titan, emblem of all the pain that humans inflict animals and nature in general, It can survive as a hope that care and our love for them can be stronger than the barbarism we inflict them.


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