Brazilian Shorthair

Brazilian Shorthair
Photo: by Dutchy Doo - Flickr

The founder of this breed, Brazilian Shorthair , is Paul Ruschi. He is an engineer by profession and an avid lover of cats!. Obviously. Among other positions is President and founder of the BSICS.

Their early origins go back to the streets of Brazil. Since the change of a wild cat to a race, this breed has changed dramatically. This is not the first breed developed from street cats, as it was the case of the American shorthair , short hair European and American Keuda.

Brazilian shorthair cat began as an experiment. Found that Brazil had cats that were different from any other part of the world. However, all the street cats of Brazil had an aspect and common features.

Today there are very few breeders of the Brazilian shorthair. The breeding of random street cats has encountered much opposition among animal rights advocates and professional breeders of cats. However, the Brazilian's shorthair is now regarded as a pure breed of cat.

Currently, Brazil has the largest population of cats Brazilian of shorthair and breeders of race. Brazilian shorthair cat is a natural breed of Brazil, that has been developed without the care of a purebred cat on the streets of Brazil during 500 years, from North to South.

In the year 1500, When the Portuguese discovered Brazil, they brought a few cats, He descend from Iberia Felis, in their boats in order to avoid that the mice eat their food. These are the first to participate in the blood of the Brazilian shorthair cats. After 500 years, the mixture of Brazil cats and brought by the Portuguese, gave birth to a beautiful cat, loving, healthy, short hair and of Brazilian Thoroughbred.

The Brazilian's shorthair is a cat of medium-size and great agility. The race can be distinguished from the hair short American for its smooth, elegant appearance. However, they are not as fine as the Siamese. The layer is short and close to the skin and comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. The space between the eyes should be equal to one eye. The Brazilian's shorthair have dramatically expressive eyes.

Breeds of cats: Brazilian Shorthair cat

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