British shorthair

Británico de pelo corto
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The original basis of race British shorthair It was extracted from the robust common cats from Great Britain, When the contests and farming became popular at the end of the 19th century. It was the most popular race of the first contests of British cats.

The founder of the Cat Fancy in Great Britain, Harrison Weir, raised British blue. However, This race was no longer the preferred at the beginning of the 20th century, and towards 1950 It had almost disappeared. The coordinated effort of breeders, It used throughout the Commonwealth cats, He returned the fate.

Looking back at the Decade of 1970, its future was assured and had become popular in North America. Currently, the British shorthair is the cat with popular pedigree of his native country. A curious trait that characterizes this race is half of the blood group B, particularly rare among the feline population.

The word most used to describe the British shorthair is compact (Cobby, In English). It is a breed that comes from robust farm cats, rateros and street, and its appearance remains faithful to its origins. His strong and muscular body is low, have sturdy legs, the broad and full face and short and straight nose.

Its thick and frizzy hair is waterproof and practical, Although it requires an extra help from time to time for that this perfect. Classic Blue, the turtles and the atigrados remain popular today, but crossings made to regain the race bring new genes.

The result is that today a wide variety of colors and exotic designs of this race in his native land is recognized, reflecting the increase in the diversity of the population of cats in general. However, It continues to be a stereotypical British race: reserved and independent. It is docile, but you prefer that they touch not much.

It is not known for his stunts or their speed changes, but it is a competent Hunter when the opportunity arises.

Breeds of cats: British shorthair

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