Brutal mistreatment of dogs in Brazil pet shop

Brazil police had to disperse a crowd of dog owners furious once the pictures of their pets being tortured in a pet store were broadcast on television.

The images show how the animals were abused in a shop (call four legs) in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. The woman who reported the video was outraged with aggression, Since the ill-treatment were constant and animals yelling in pain. Some left very bruised and traumatised after the beating received.

Found by the team of RJTV, the balloon for Rio de Janeiro chain channel, the owner of the establishment was surprised by allegations. He said that he never received complaints of ill-treatment.

The video was filmed by an anonymous witness.

“I understand when one takes a pet, It should be treated with love, because they have feelings. But this place was not so, they missed their ice water and docked you the mouth and banged them”, said the complainant witness.

The video shows how hits to defenseless animals, and miss them the snout water to drown them. Up to struck with objects and those tied. A docile Labrador that does not put resistance also will hit ruthlessly.

The owner recognized the aggressor as his son, Daniel, of 20 years. It only managed to apologize because this occurred at a time that she could not control him. “I am only sorry, I have nothing more to say”, the woman said.

VIDEO: Warning graphic content. Violent abuse of dogs in a store bathroom in Rio de Janeiro


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Michel R.
Michel R.
19 October, 2012 10:36 pm

The owners of this store are a few abusers who deserve jail.Cowards who exploit animal silence to download all their hatred and frustration.Malnacidos.mereceis the worst.This kid got you me in a prison of rapists of children of 20 years.He was going to pass pipe”

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