American bulldog is stabbed 23 times by the furious owner of another dog after a fight between two dogs.

    – The Daisy dog Jenkins had gotten into a fight with another dog near her home

    – The owner of the dog, Wayne Stearman, returned with two knives of 25 centimeters with the intention of stabbing the Bulldog

    – One of the blows was so overwhelming that the knife was bent in half, claimed a witness who described the scene as a “blood bath”

    – The Sr. Stearman was arrested for the incident, but he was released without charges

A dog died to being stabbed up to 23 times by the owner of another can.

Daisy Jenkins rocked as he lay dying to Tyson, a American bulldog.

Your dog had been attacked by another dog on the way towards her house in Hampstead in North London.

WARNING: Graphic images

Bulldog Americano

The Sr. Stearman, He said that he stabbed the dog to try to to it not kill your dog “Monty”, a small terrier.
He added: “The dog was like crazy. He had just come out of my house and rushed on my terrier, He was holding his head with his powerful jaw.”
“It was like a lion against a Gazelle. I asked for help to screams and the owner was not anywhere.”

“When she appeared, five minutes later, the only thing that did was to caress your dog. I was giving kicked and punched but she is not inmutaba, so I went to the kitchen and I built with three knives”
“I am not proud of what I've done, but that assumes I should do?; be there and let that they kill my dog?

The Sr. Stearman, He said that the bulldog had tried to attack three months before your dog.
He said: “Literally, I had to take to Monty and throw him over the fence because this dog was going to go for the. He had attacked a lot of dogs in this area and had gone so far as to attack a child.

Bulldog Americano

“I'm glad that happened to me, Since it was only a matter of time that ended matanado a child.”
The name terrier “Monty” and eleven years of age, He has lived with the Sr. Stearman since he was a puppy, He suffered bites to the head face, the ears and Chin, and now he shudders when someone tried to touch it.
“He's going to be OK, but to me all this has affected me. I'm with antidepressants because I can not stop thinking about it. I can not sleep. It has been a real nightmare said Stearman.”

The worker, Belsize Park, to the North of London, He was arrested for the incident and remained in a police cell during 22 hours, He was then released without charges.

“The police has been kind to me. It is not right to say it but people are happy now that the dog does not walk around the neighborhood. It caused many problems here “, said.

Miss Jenkins, of 41 years has created a shrine dedicated to your dog on the farm of Aspern near Hampsteadel, the place where “Tyson” died.

The witness Allison Havey said: “It was a blood bath. It was covered with blood and it was only right to say: ‘ Please, help. Help me revive my dog. It was very sad.”
A veterinarian was advised to try to save Tyson, but the bulldog of 42 kg died shortly after on the sidewalk.

Miss Jenkins said about the attack: “We were together clinging to the fence and trying to keep us away from the knives.”
“I could feel as it was bleeding but I just hugged him with force. I thought that if the dead was going to leave in peace.”

“I simply said to Tyson ‘ waiting, Please standby, We are going to move forward”.

A neighbor, Kim McFarland, of 54 years, He said that Miss Jenkins used to let your dog run around the farm.
He said: “He used to go with other dogs. She never had a muzzle.”

Bulldog Americano

Another person who has lived on the property during 22 years, He said that the men acted in self-defense and that it was “devastated” by what had happened.
He also said: “He is a lover of dogs and is not the kind of person who goes around doing things by that style. He was only trying to save his dog that was much smaller.

“The owner of Tyson was not even there at the time of the attack.”
“The owner of the dog tried to beat Tyson to separate them, but it was a big dog. He went into the House to get something and the next thing I heard was that a dog was stabbed and died.”
“What was that you could do?, wait until you kill your dog? They would have been the same consequences – the death of a dog”.

Via: dailymail

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