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Burmilla cat
Recognized by the LOOF, ACF, FIFé, GCCF, WCF. TICA, CFA

Photo: Some rights reserved by ramtops - Flickr

The Burmilla cat born as a result of an accidental cross, in the United Kingdom between a cat chinchilla Persian and a Burmesa lilac, and fruit of this cat love affair, in 1981 its four kittens are born. In the year 1984 imported several cats of this breed to Denmark.

Burmilla and bunny
Photo: Burmilla.co.UK / Bellabonny Quicksilver (female) & Bunny

The Burmilla is considered part of the race of the Asian Group.

Its color is white but as if a blanket of shadows and shades of black. Although different patterns are presented, Silver with black or white colors, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream and turtle. The different brands and colors are more than 40 different layers.

Their eyes have oblique form of large size, the bottom line is very curved, always in various green tones.

Are medium-sized with muscular bodies, round face and short snout

The Burmilla is a very irreverent and independent cat who adores his owner and displays many kitten-like characteristics., even in adulthood. In temperament that are sociable, playful and affectionate, and they get along well with children and other animals.

Cat breeds: Burmilla

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