Looking for a killer dog that hangs the cruel abuse videos on the Internet

Seprona investigates who is behind the ' elephant’

The case has mobilized even to the Group of ' Cyber’ Annonymous

Human cruelty has no boundaries and boasts a killer of dogs in a video posted on the network of their torture the weakest. The Seprona investigates who is behind the 'Killer knino' blog. Behind that pseudonym is a perpetrator of animals that has posted online the video sees as he kills a puppy. It is precisely those images which have unleashed a wave of indignation and condemnation in the network. The images are very hard.

' Elephant’ It is the name that identifies you in his blog and the network. In its digital blog, It displays images of torture until the death of a puppy. It burns, He treads and choking him while he whistles.

The author of these abuse claims this is the first of 95 dogs. Has left 94. According to, It is a vendetta against those who do not collect the droppings of their pets. The Seprona is trying to find the computer from which hung the torture video.

The ' elephant’ gives an address for anyone who wants to go to look for him in Badajoz, but it is not real. The case has mobilized even to the Group of ' Cyber’ Annonymous. They have analyzed the video and ask for help if someone recognizes the boots of the man or the door of your local. The Criminal Code establishes prison terms of three months to a year in jail for animal abuse. CGS

Source: http://www.Telecinco.es


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