Each year are abandoned to their fate a few 60.000 Spain greyhounds.

Each year are abandoned to their fate a few 60.000 Spain greyhounds. These greyhounds have been used by hunters in the hunts that are held throughout the country and one time the hunting season ends or simply animals are useless, These are abandoned or are prisoners of a slow and painful death. They will be sprayed with acid, beaten, tortured, thrown into wells or hung from an olive tree or tapia with a slight margin in the rope so that they die slowly. Sometimes you are trying to burn for not leaving a trace and avoid problems with the ecologist associations of the area.

Since the 2010 the article 337 the Penal Code condemns the cruelty against animals. The view is that the laws are not sufficient to stop the deaths and retirements of this beautiful, affectionate and noble animal. The carelessness of the institutions and the lack of response to complaints is that year after year repeat the suffering of Spanish greyhounds.

Numerous associations working so that in other countries they know the terrible situation facing these animals in Spain. Many associations of my adopted country (Sweden) are you dedicated to the rescue of dogs, they bring galgos that are hosted by families. And it is that despite the prejudices that exist in Spain the greyhounds are excellent pets that adapts to live to any home. They are clean, quiet,just barking and are ideal for people who have allergies.

In Spain there are 180.000 galgueros engaged in the breeding of greyhounds. Hunting with greyhounds is still be forbidden even though the scandal involving the neglect and torture these animals each year and despite the fact that this kind of activity is prohibited in most of the European countries. In villages where there are hunts people simply look away and ignore what happens year after year. And look for another side in this case makes us complicit in this outrage.

In front of my house of Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) one of these galgueros lived when I was small. Throughout his life this galguera had crammed in tiny rooms to greyhounds who only saw the light of the Sun when they were mobilised to the hunting. The streets were full of fleas and ticks in the summer. This situation remained always as well unless the City Council nor the authorities do nothing to close the atrocity. Although what more regretted always is the lack of initiative of passivity and the people who saw this situation as normal.

The greatness of a people is measured by how it treats its animals. We are all accomplices to look away when they start hunting seasons and these animals are brought to a certain death. The allegations are necessary, but it is also necessary to take action and rescue these animals of their torturers. Adopt a Greyhound instead of buying another type of dog is an excellent action and also to avoid the proliferation of farms that are real dogs factories without taking into account the well-being of dogs living there.

Source: reeditor

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