About 400 Pets are adopted in the living room of the Animal adoption


About 400 pets have been taken during the celebration of the Hall of the adoption of companion animals held in the downtown Park of El Retiro of the 5 to the 7 October, What is the highest number of adoptions in the seven editions of the fair, the community of Madrid in a press release reported by this Saturday.

Only during the celebration of this event, opened by the Director of environment and spatial planning, Borja Sarasola, were registered 128 daily adoptions, compared to the average of 16 welcome the day that occurs commonly in the region. In particular during the Salon of the adoption they welcomed, both person and way online, 302 dogs and 84 cats.

Since the year 2000 the community of Madrid has led to the adoption of 72.273 Pets due to its policy of promoting the reception and responsible animal ownership. Last year they collected in the region 8.350 abandoned dogs, While they were 7.367 animals adopted by locals in 2011.

The main objective of this Hall of the adoption is to inform citizens of the possibility of adopting a pet as an alternative to purchase and support the work of shelters and protective societies. It is a meeting point between the citizens and the future owners with the animals.

Like this, the downtown Retiro Park Madrid car ride returned to again be the stage of the Hall of adoption that were exposed around 300 animals, between dogs and cats, belonging to seven protection associations and the Integral animal reception centre (CIAMM) the community has in Colmenar Viejo.

The contest, also involving the Veterinary College and the city of Madrid, It was also completed with recreational and educational activities targeting children.

The community of Madrid has the Integral Centre of reception of animals abandoned, and it is the only autonomous community which has a centre with a modern management of host model. It is based on the sacrifice and in the promotion of the adoption, and managed in collaboration with protective associations, which is a type of management pioneer and highly effective, as reflected in the high figures of adoption.

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