Probably the race Chantilly/Tiffany comes from the same crosses that created to the East of long hair (Angora). In 1967, in New York, Jennie Robinson raised two cats of golden eyes and color unknown origin chocolate, and their puppies he called them long-haired foreign. The tiffany name was coined by Sigyn Lund in Florida. The race waned and almost became extinct, but in 1988 the Canadian Tracy Oraas prepared a recovery programme. Then in Britain had recognized the Tiffanie, by what became changed its name by the of Chantilly/Tiffany.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the Chantilly/tiffany is not, It never was and never will be a long-haired Burmese.

The Tiffany is slowly maturing and usually fails to achieve its full development until after the two years. The color of the eyes of the feline intensifies with age. The head should be a wide wedge, modified with soft curves. He originally found only in the color of chocolate

This affectionate and docile cat has an attractive and shrill voice, and their breeders describe him as «a treat for chocolate addicts».

Alternative names: Chantilly / Foreign Longhair

Breeds of cats: Chantilly/Tiffany

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