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The Chausie, also known as Selva Curl, Stone Cougar, Montaña Cougar, is a hybrid of the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) and Jungle Cat (Felis jungle).

There are hybrids of the domestic cat and jungle cat (Felis catus) Since the Decade of 1960, but almost all the males were sterile; until the Decade of 1990 the chausie not developed enough to be recognized. Permitted fur patterns reflect those of the jungle cat: striped dotted with patches of black color tips or silver occasional. The chausie inherited a tendency to a somewhat shorter than the jungle queue, but never very short or no tail.

It is generally more flexible than its wild ancestor, Perhaps under the influence of abisinios genes. Like most hybrids, they are bold, very active and undoubtedly animal company requiring care.

The owners of this breed should be aware of the high level of activity of these cats. They are very loyal to the family, and like other pets. They may occasionally have problems with the digestive tract, some cats may be intolerant to gluten, and have trouble digesting commercial cat food contains gluten of wheat or other grains.

Breeds of cats: Chausie

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