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Bulldog Alapaha de sangre azul

Despite its similarity, not to be confused with the American bulldog


history “Ottos”

Also Known As Otto Bulldog It is a breed of dog of American origin, considered rare due to the few existing copies. Según la información disponible, They have been developed in the area Río Alapaha in the southern region Georgia. They are renowned for their great sense of obedience, their agility and your protective character.

This was developed by crossing Old English Bulldog white (known as, White English Bulldogs), a Catahoula Bulldog and a reduced number of copies of Colby Pit Bull Terrier. Los orígenes de la raza siguen siendo difusos, and this has caused much confusion…

While at first glance it is a Bulldog type. It is a stronger dog and a well-developed musculature (característica destacable de la raza, compared to other varieties Bulldog).

Despite its similarity, not to be confused with American bulldog. This similarity resulted in actions pre-register many Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog They were included in the ancestry of American bulldog.


While Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Association It has declared that it was founded in 1979, the earliest evidence of the existence of this club record dates of 1989 in California. Esa discrepancia ha desencadenado múltiples discusiones.

The race was in danger of extinction until a small group of Southern, in 1979, in an attempt to rescue the Bulldog de Old Tymey Plantation del Sur, He founded the ABBA (Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Association), giving the aforementioned name and dedicated to the preservation of this unique type of dog.

Claims made by the Mrs. Lana Lane, nurturer and follower of the race, they dealt with the existence of records. However, existe poca evidencia para apoyar su reclamo porque en líneas familiares que se describen en el World Atlas of Dog Breeds as the founders of the breed.

The current records of this breed They include the following organisms:

The ACA (American Canine Association) que registró el primer campeón Bajo el título de Alapaha. ABBA (Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Association), CCR (National Kennel Club), (ABBBR) Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog registry, CKC (Continental Kennel Club), WWKC (World Wide Kennel Club), UWABC (Kingdom of work Alapaha Bulldog Club & Registration), UCA (United Canine Association), and IOEBA (International Olde English Bulldogge Association), among them there is great variation in the type and standard.

Physical characteristics

Las descripciones de su tamaño varían mucho según el organismo, pero intentando llegar a un consenso medio situaríamos a los machos en un weight ranging from 32 a 41 kg, and height the cross of 51 a 63 cm.. Las hembras –ligeramente más pequeñas, they weigh in 25 a 34 kg and measure of 45.7 a 55.9 cm in height to the cross.

The ears and tail They are left natural, sin ningún recorte.

Their colors They are varied, preferably, You must have at least the 50% white body with spots. They can be, predominantly, solid color with white, or dry white. Patches or markings are generally color merle, striped, blue, black, chocolate, red, beige, or tricolor. Currently the most common are the tricolor mantle (both white, Merle, red, así como beige, Merle, chocolate).

The eye color can vary from Brown to blue, and they usually see with one eye of each color copies or a finger eye colors.

Its pelage is short, hard and bright by nature, which is why, los requisitos de cuidado del manto son mínimos.

Character and skills

Coachable, obedient and responsible, with impressive capabilities as guardian Family and property. They have a strong instinct for protection and it's love at home.

Puppy must be socialized and trained using humane methods, puesto que la crueldad podría estimular la agresividad del animal. Intelligent and quick learning, with assertive methods.

very energetic and athletic breed. Even so, They can be adapted perfectly to life in an apartment if sufficiently exercised and daily. While within the home displays inactive, quiet, It will be more happy with - at least- a medium size yard.

They were formerly used to work with livestock, especially in the capture of errant pigs. Por esa razón sus músculos son largos y poderosos, esa característica física nos recuerda que para que el perro tenga una salud óptima necesita ser ejercitado con regularidad. They often enjoy long walks, run and play.

Su esperanza de vida de se sitúa de 12 a 15 years.

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Dogs breeds: “Ottos”

Type and recognitions:

  • Race is not recognized by the FCI

Alternative names

    1. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, Otto Bulldog (English).
    2. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog (French).
    3. Buldogue Alapaha de sangue azul, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog (Portuguese).
    4. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog (German).
    5. Bulldog Alapaha de sangre azul, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog (español).

Old working bulldog
Inglaterra Extinct

Old English Bulldog

The Old working bulldog (extinct) was fierce, It was used to fight with bulls and Lions.

The Old working bulldog (Old English Bulldog) was a breed of dog, quite fierce comparing it with the tenderness of the current English Bulldog.

Be used for shows as bloody as fights with bulls and Lions, su especialidad era morderles el morro hasta que el animal no podía más de dolor y era derribado por el perro.

Otros nombres: Antiguo Bulldog Inglés.

Dogs breeds: Old working bulldog

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Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka
Rusia FCI 328 Molossoid . Mountain

The Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka It is a strong dog, quiet, balanced but extremely reactive.

The Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka (Caucasian Shepherd Dog) It is a very popular breed of dog in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, and other countries where herders need a lot of protection for their herds and properties.

A dog Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka well bred should be a healthy animal, for strong bones, muscular build and stable temperament.

The very calm and very aggressive temperaments, they are considered to be serious flaws in a dog of this breed.

Otros nombres: Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka / Circassian sheep dog / Caucasian Ovcharka / Armenian Khobun / Georgia Nagazi / Sage Ghafghazi / Kars Çoban Köpeği / კავკასიური ნაგაზი / Kavkasiuri nagazi / Caucasian Ovcharka / Caucasian Mountain Dog / Kars Çoban Köpeği / Kavkazty Uasahichala / Circassian Sheep dog / Адыгэ Мэлыхъуахь (Adyghe melekhuah).

Group 2 / Section 2 – Molosoides and mountain dogs.

Dogs breeds: Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka

Tuareg Sloughi
Mali FCI 307 . Short-haired Sighthounds

Galgo Africano

The Tuareg Sloughi (Azawakh), is a breed of dog lebrel, native to africa.

It is also known by other names: Hanshee, Oska, Rawondu, Bareeru, Wulo, Tuareg Sloughi.

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