China prohibits the city dogs

A city in southern China has banned all dogs to run through its streets and public spaces after a series of cases of rabies.

Teams of Police seize and put all the dogs that are, a police spokesman warned photo: Richard Watt

Jiangmen, a port city for nearly four million people in Guangdong Province, It has established that all dogs must be off the streets at the end of this month.

“We hope that all citizens to cooperate with us in the creation of a civilized Jiangmen and send their dog to live in the suburbs or in rural areas”, a spokesman of the local government.

According to the details of the prohibition, a special campaign of “cleaning” start the 26 August, in order to remove all the dogs that roam the city centre. 42 people have died of rabies, in the city, in the past three years.

Teams of police confiscarán all the dogs that are, a police spokesman warned.

“We do not want to kill all the dogs that we find the urban areas of the city, We just want to ban on dogs to create a better environment for the city”, the spokesman, to the official newspaper China Daily.

The dispute arose between local residents after that some questioned whether policy apply only to the dogs, Street or, simply, all dogs. According to media reports, the regulations shall apply to all dogs, incluyendo las mascotas.

Mujer china pide a los policías que no sacrifiquen a  su perro. Beijing -2006, antes de los Juegos Olímpicos.
Chinese woman asked police not to sacrifice his dog. Beijing-2006, before the Olympic Games.

This means that local residents to relocate their dogs between the 10 and the 25 August. Otherwise, many owners will see as their beloved pets will disappear from their lives. Seems like an unjust law..

Wang Chengzi, a local resident, He has made a reasonable proposal: “This is not just for dog owners, detailed regulations should be taken to guide residents to keep their dogs, and at the same time give them certificates instead of simply banning dogs.”

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