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The cat Chinchilla It is one of the oldest variants made by name, having been officially recognised in the Crystal Palace, London in 1894. Believed that their evolution has sprouted from a cross between Longhairs, having initially been fairly darker, sometimes with shades of lavender, with spots rather more pronounced than in the current version.

The aspect of the chinchillas It has slightly evolved from its appearance.
They were much darker, had the legs but short and were more small than it is today.
The lengthening of the legs is obvious result of an inadequate selection and crosses repeated with males of the same variety.

The Chinchilla It has a round, wide head with respingona nose, with the dark brown or black outline. The ears are small, rounded tips. The eyes are large and round, Emerald green or blue-green color, contour dark brown or black. Their legs are short and wide and large, round "hands", black or dark brown pad. The tail is bushy, usually straight under the line of the back.

The hair of the chinchillas is fine, so the daily hygiene of the fur should be gently.

The basic range is the silver black.
You can also find blue chinchillas, Brown, Pink Lavender.
In all of them, the rim of the eyes is the color of the mantle with light nuances.

The Chinchilla is a very calm cat, sociable and affectionate, We could say that it is the cat by excellence for family life. Many know him as the "Tiger of the sofa" due to its passive nature, This depends on its breeding, because some are restless playful

The chinchilla is a more delicate than other Persians health. They tend to get sick in the stomach and bones. Sometimes also suffer from alopecia in specific parts of your fur. This is often due to a little balanced diet and is generally resolved with an extra contribution of vitamins.

You can live to the 13 years, But if it is well cared for and fed may come to the 15 years.

Breeds of cats: Chinchilla

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