Colorpoint longhair (Himalaya)

Colorpoint longhair


In Great Britain, the Himalaya He is known as the Colorpoint longhair.

In the Decade of 1920, experimental crossings between Persians and Siamese cats in Europe created a so-called khmer race and, According to some, the Burmese. This was probably the first deliberate cross of two races.

In the Decade of 1930, United States geneticists also crossed Persians and Siamese to investigate inherited traits. The resulting breed, dotted with long hair, It was called himalaya, a type of rabbit of similar design. This cat was recognized in Great Britain in 1955 as a long-haired colourpoint (the Persian was called Gaul of long hair on Britain at that time).

It was the first time that a race with the imported dotted drawing was recognized. In Europe the name of Khmer gave way to the name of colourpoint. In North America, this cat was recognized in 1957 as a new and separate race, the Himalaya. Now are usually included with the Persians, Although the pattern still called himalaya.

Some breeders believe that it is a different type, but there is also the problem that once the recessive gene for the dotted enters a line, breeders who want to create plain colors puppies can never be sure if a cat has this feature or not.

Physical characteristics

Colourpoint Persian has the complexion, the face and the fur of a Persian, and the color of a Siamese. Its round head has full cheeks and nose cut off from the Persians. Dotted fur looks different in a long-haired cat, and his eyes tend to be less intense than the Siamese blue.

Character and skills

The different personalities of both races together in a more relaxed than the other and more Extrovert than a cat. The main requirement of the colourpoint is the time it takes to care for his long hair.

Colourpoint Persian has the body and facial features of a Persian, In addition to a fairly quiet character, but he has also inherited some features of the Siamese, GUE make it an active and energetic cat.

Photo: Wilkipedia

Breeds of cats: Colorpoint longhair

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