Sentenced to pay a euro for a dog to lose

Badajoz – Spain

They claim a person by misplacing your pet and claim only a symbolic compensation

Susana Merino and Luis Gragera with a photo of your dog. :: PAKOPÍ

"It is not the material damage", "it is a part of your life". So describe Susana Merino and Luis Gragera the pain felt by the loss of his dog. This businessman couple had been more than seven years living with 'Boy', a short hair and color boar Teckel. The month of January, due to a move, they were forced to seek a place where you leave your pet during a time. After not having found a family that was close to home, in the city of Badajoz, that I could take care of the animal decided to rely on the canine residence and school training ' two heads’ located in the town of Montijo. According to Susana, «to the owner», It was presented as a psychologist in dogs, He explained that he was an active animal, He could escape and that should not leave without strap so take care. He gave us good impression, that is why we pay the 90 euros in the first month, not give us any kind of receipt, "and we leave it there".

After 15 days, during a visit to the animal, the owner of the residence commented them that the dog was suffering from anxiety and you could treat it by 600 EUR. The family preferred that only further seized of caring for the animal during one time. The 8 March, seeing that the owner of the residence not catered to their calls, they arrived at the place and discovered that the dog was not. Caregiver informed them that ' guy’ had escaped behind a Hare when it had been taken without belt. At that time, the family began their search: they talked with neighbors, they put posters and offered a reward of 300 EUR. In addition, "the owner of the residence asked us the number of the microchip to an allegation of disappearance". "After searching for days", and discover that this person had not even reported, «her put ourselves». Like this, They presented a first claim for criminal proceedings against the owner dismissed by not try the misappropriation of the animal. At that time, Thanks to a lawyer of the city, they filed a second lawsuit by civil means which called for the amount of one euro for negligent conduct.

In this second view, the owner of the residence pleaded guilty to bringing the animal without a tie and having lost. The sentence failed last 14 July by the Court of first instance and instruction No. 2 of Montijo. It is estimated the demand made by Susana Merino and condemned the defendant to pay the amount of one euro to the applicant. «We could have requested a higher amount», between 1.000 and 3.000 euros according to our Attorney, but we are the only thing we wanted to get with this is that it make public, This man not campe to, "to consider and to be responsible for their actions", explains Luis Gragera.

For the family, the euro is nothing more than a token amount. His only claim is really to know what happened, that without a sentence which he blamed believed responsible for they would have to remain silent.


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