They condemned two men by baumhammers the dog from a neighbor in Villabrágima – Valladolid (Spain)

One of them said that the animal, a Mastiff for one year, it bothered him and therefore gave it "two trabucazos"

Spanish Mastiff

It «was me that given two trabucazos the dog», It happens something??». In this way he answered one of the two men who have been sentenced by the Audiencia of Valladolid to pay 1.300 euros as perpetrators of misconduct of child abuse to pets paths, When the wounded Mastiff owner asked them if they had something to do with the shooting carried out their animal.

The incident occurred last year in the Valladolid town in Villabrágima, and the Audiencia of Valladolid has confirmed the judgement condemning them and issued Court Medina Risoseco.

The incident occurred the 16 in February of 2010 When Theodore went to the home of Luis. After talking about a Mastiff dog breed, in previous days had become the Luis corral bothering to yours, Theodore took a shotgun from his car and fired two shots the dog who was at that time in the courtyard. The Mastiff, one year of age and Brown, belonged to another neighbor, who had been warned by Louis to take care with him.


Penal Code. In his article 632, the law punishes with lack and fines of up 60 days they cruelly maltratasen to pets or any other unauthorized shows. It also imposes the possibility of the sanction becomes work for the benefit of the community.


In this case, the judges also estimated that two convicts Villabrágima neighbors acted with intent, without giving credit to the authorship of the trampling and beating of other Mastiff, the neighbouring complainant property.


Next to the 1.300 EUR, They must pay the costs.


After hearing gunfire in the vicinity of your home, the owner of the dog and another person went abroad finding the Mastiff bleeding from the mouth and the lower jaw hanging, as reflected in the judgement of the Audiencia of Valladolid.

Both the owner and another witness observed how a car Renault 19, were the two indicted men, is away and they followed them to a bar. Already were inside when asked if had something to do with what happened with the dog, Theodore responded bluntly acknowledging that «he had given him two trabucazos».
The company and domestic animal was evaluated in 300 EUR, In addition to others 300 in which the judges estimated loss.

The audience considers these acts constitute misconduct of lower damage paths to the 400 euros and against the general interest, by imposed on each of the authors fines in the amount of 650 EUR each. The ruling absolves the owner of the dog having knocked down and beaten that day another Mastiff of the sentenced person.

Source: elnortedecastilla

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