They condemn the perpetrator of Txispas, dog shot and alanceado for year and a half in Bedia (Bizkaia)

Was so Txispas
Was so Txispas

The person accused of having shot and alanceado to Txispas to cause his death last month of August has been convicted of animal abuse by criminal court No. 5 Bilbao (Bizkaia), as reported by the Association for the treatment of ethics with the animals (ATEA). The accused neighbor has been sentenced to 4 months in prison, the payment of legal costs, payment of the veterinary costs of what he did and disabled for the exercise of profession, trade and commerce that has relationship with animals for a year long and to the right of passive suffrage during the time of the conviction.

Photo of Txispas with life
Photo of Txispas with life

ATEA, that he had access to court ruling, He explains that he estimated proven facts that are imputed to the person complained, who admits to having fired on the animal, that it topped across the chest with a metal bar. Txispas, mortally wounded, treatment of return home, the ground that ASAAM-Bizkaia (Milord Friends Animal Relief Association) He was then enabling as a shelter for abandoned animals. One of the volunteers found the body after following his trail of blood. The veterinarian in charge of performing the autopsy said in his day that Txispas suffered "an atrocious agony". According to sources of the Association, "Txispas was a very friendly dog, in any aggressive way, Despite having been always tied", and that "thanks to the intervention of the Association significantly improved their quality of life, After allowing his mistress that volunteers undertake part of him and another companion".

The text of the ruling leaves no doubt: the accused declares is author of the violent death of Txispas, and he admits that with his performance he intended to kill the animal in a painful way. Like this, judge, in application of article 337 of the criminal code, It imposes a quintuple sentence explained at the beginning of this text.

ATHEIST wants to add that although considered that "the punishment the aggressor far from being that deserves", It has at least proved damning, which means that you are still taking steps, slow but solid, in the right direction".

Source: Irene Crespo – diariovasco

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