Contemporary Burmese (Birmano)

contemporary Burmese

Breeders in the United States.UU. they prefer the “Contemporary Burmese“, Britons go to the “traditional Burmese”. A brief comparison of the race helps to understand the difference.

Physical characteristics

In contemporary Burmese head must be “round” with a fresh expression. The body must be of size medium and compact (namely, short).

This comparison tells us much about the difference between the United Kingdom and EE.UU.. European Burmese (United Kingdom) they are closer to a form of normal or standard cat (form moggie), Although some call it East. While the Burmese in the United States.UU. has a slightly exaggerated roundness. All about Burmese is intended to be “round”. All major components of the body are round, the head, eyes, snout short and chest.

Similar terms are used for the American of Persian and short hair on a round feature). The Americans, more outstanding demand, they tend to breed cats more extreme, or very chunky (Persian ultra) or long, delicate (Modern Siamese).

In addition, American breeders consider the more rounded aspect as the traditional (original). It seems that some breeders in the United States.UU. It has been of “round” (the desired breed standard) to the “flat” (something as well as the Persian Ultra). The flat front of the cat Burmese is called look “contemporary”. Despite the fact that the head must be without flat smooth.

It is not uncommon that breeders are adrift, a little away from the standard of the breed.

The Burmese cat can be very strong and powerful with a barrel chest, While the females may be more sensitive.

Character and skills

It is lively, loving and brave. Faithful, expressive and sociable. It is a docile cat, intelligent and demanding. He doesn't socialize with other cats. It is said that he can sense the emotions of those around him. He likes open spaces and climbing in the trees.

Breeds of cats: Contemporary Burmese

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