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    Posted by tiadoc | 7 March 2012

    Akita Inu breeders in Spain

    Criadores Akita Inu en España

    Breeders Akita Inu in Spain

    The Akita or Akita Inu (Akita dog?) It is a breed of dog originating in Japan, named for the Akita Prefecture, where it is believed that it originated. From time to time is called Akita-ken.

    In its origins was a hunting dog and for generations it was used by the Warriors of the Japan as defense and attack dog. It was also used for hunting bears.

    It is an easy dog ​​to train and a very balanced character.

    In Spain the Akita Inu It is considered a potentially dangerous race, by Royal Decree, so for possession you must obtain the license for possession of potentially dangerous dogs and register it in the Municipal Register of potentially dangerous animals corresponding. One of the things that are required for this license is insurance of civil liability to third parties

    (Read all about the race…).

    Where can inform us…


    Barrio of Río Negro, 9. 39795 Escalante (Cantabria)

    Phones: + 34 942 64 23 89 Email: CEPN@CEPN.org

    On the web page does not appear in the listing any breeder recommended and recognized by the Spanish Canine Association of Nordic dogs and Akita Inu, so recommend consulting this body on the seriousness and reputation of breeding sites we offer below, before you buy a copy.

    Akita Inu breeders list

    Akita Inu breeders in Spain

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    37 comments on “Akita Inu breeders in Spain
    1. angela says:

      Hello I am interested in adopting an akita inu. It is a race that I love and give a very good home, I'm from Valencia and I would I report this is my mail: angela1992costa@hotmail.com

    2. Ramiro says:

      I would like to know any breeding of this breed akita inu Japanese by the city of barcelona since I am interested in buying a puppy.
      To see if I can help with some information on kennel in barcelona.

      Thank you.

      I hope things.

      A greeting!

    3. sandra says:

      Hello I am interested in adopting an akita inu. It is a race that I love and give a very good home, I am Bdajoz and I would like to inform me.Thank you, I leave my email sandra_peguero@yahoo.es

    4. John says:

      I am from barcelona and I am interested in adopting an akita inu. It is a race that I love and has me in love, I would like to give you a home with me and my partner to give you love. Thank you leave my email, juandescanes@hotmail.com

    5. Abe says:

      I am from a village of toledo , Castilla la mancha and I intersesaria know if Kennel there by castilla la mancha,If you would please inform that would like to adopt an akita inu because I love that race,my email I hope an answer here I leave you : dede_spania@hotmail.com

    6. Hello my name is Judith,
      I'd like to adopt an akita inu live in Mahón, I'd like to me to report if from here I can make the adoption, I await your response, I leave you my e-mail: inuyashaykagome_16_@hotmail.com

    7. José Antonio says:

      Hello my name is Antonio José and I wanted to give my daughters an Akita inu Japanese for end of June. Does someone sell a puppy? My email is josegdh@gmail.com. Thank you.

    8. White says:

      Hello, I would like to buy an akita inu in madrid
      I could say some Kennel near madrid? Montero.blancam@yahoo.com

    9. Valentina says:

      Hello to all!

      I currently have two American akitas females of 1 year and 6 months, no I still have for various reasons, they are affectionate, very sensitive, environmentally friendly, calm, playful.. They are simply amazing and it hurts a lot having to separate me from them and am looking for a family with or without children(they are very good with children) that you can adopt a family to another. They need love, but steady hand that reinforces you above all the positive things, they learn very fast and are very ready, so also if you let them take a little advantage. and that they have time and take care of them and want a lot.
      My email is tatatina_9@hotmail.com

    10. Alberto says:

      Good I would like to adopt an akita inu or buy it took quite some time behind this race and still haven't found it here I leave my mail in case there is someone who adopts or sell this race, pantojilla_1993@hotmail.es Thank you.

    11. German says:

      Hello I am interested in a puppy akita inu, the truth that I have enough time to devote to the akita and would give everything required, a greeting. I leave my mail: gemanqsd_16@hotmail.com

    12. rocks says:

      Hello!!I want an akita inu a puppy if I can do it great and if it was purchased, how much is the price? Thank you

    13. ERICK says:

      Hello, I would love to have a Akita Ínu female puppy adopt it or buy it, but I'm in Colombia, Thank you could inform me of some Kennel.


    14. Mario says:

      Hello good, I would be interested in adopting a puppy akita and it was part of my family,would like to know where can I find it.
      thanks and greetings

    15. Jose manuel jimenez carrasco says:

      Hola.estoy interested in adopting an akita inu macho.por please tell me if there is this possibility and where can I encontrarlo.gracias

    16. Emerald clambas says:

      Hi I am interested in adopting an akita

    17. Vicente says:

      I'd like to adopt an akita inu, possibly the most puppy that is well integrated in the family. I have three children and they would be happy to.
      Does not need to have documentation, I don't want it for contest, I want it as a company.
      Thank you.

    18. Marta says:

      I'd like to adopt an Akita… If you know of someone

    19. Javier says:

      jajja to my I would also adopt ferrary or a Lamborghini, you know where I can make it?XD wish to adopt, then go to the many houses q animal shelter the poor give you so much fondness or more q an akita and need it more, but not blather of q I want to adopt a dog with his pedigree q can cost up to 1800 EUR

    20. Ruben says:

      Cridores of Akita Inu Japanese in the Valencian Community? Thank you rmalondam@yahoo.es

    21. Mario says:

      A breeder of Akita for Madrid ?

    22. Sergio says:

      Hello, Puppy of about two or three months I'd like to know if apguien I could sell or adopt an akita Inu, the Valencian Community or as much Madrid. Thank you

      Or when they have a litter let me know.

    23. Damian says:

      Hola soy de Burjassot (Valencia) In brief I will have an akita but I would like to know before you accept it if in my home will be comfortable, Since it is hot, or is aclimatara well.

    24. Cristina says:

      Hello my name is Cristina and I wanted to give my daughter an Akita inu s for end of June. Someone tell me where adopting or purchasing a puppy?? My email is cpb_cosld@hotmail.com

    25. Marina says:

      Hi I'm from mallorca i I would like to find an akita inu puppy here, to adopt or buy, Thanks a lot.

    26. Francisco says:

      Hello good afternoon. I am interested in an akita inu to care for two horses in the field. I leave my phone number for more information 618902987

    27. Andreia Faia says:

      Hello sou breeder of American Akita where I can search on people who want to buy Akita?
      Thank you

    28. Melisa says:

      Hello, My Akita, now has 4 months, Ash Grey, then he got gray very clearly, After a red intense, the color of my Akita breeder is supposed to rojo-leonado, Is Griffon Red the same as saying intense red? In recent days I started to notice the loin was putting him in a dark brown, and now black has a back, dark brown, and some red hairs. It changed with time to a deep red? Or the color of my Akita will be Sesame. It is pure when I went to look I saw parents and everything and were beautiful.
      PD: The Kennel where buy my akita have NO parents of color Sesame, only red, White and striped.

    29. MARIA says:

      Good afternoon,

      could tell me of any Kennel of akita inu in madrid. Thank you.

    30. Francisco says:

      Hello I am interested in an Anita I would like to adopt a male I have two children and they love that dog I have read that they are docile with boys and faithful to his master. If anyone is interested to get in touch via email thank you

    31. Francisco Morales Ramos says:

      I would love to adopt a dog AKITA inu. If someone wants to get rid of it or has any breeding to him about. Thank you

    32. Rupert says:

      I would like to adopt a woman around aged 25. Slim and healthy. I have always had an interest in this breed.

      • Jose says:

        If someone has an Akita who can not care for me I would appreciate it gave away and thus fulfill the dream of a very dear person to me . Thank you

    33. Maria del Carmen says:

      I would like to adopt a male puppy akita uni

    34. Peter says:

      Hola, estoy buscando un Akita Inu Japones cachorro. Vivo en Menorca.

    35. ivan sanchez says:

      good hello my name is ivan and I would love to adopt a Japanese inu puppy akia, I live in Ibiza and give love and be surrounded by nature Beach Golf etc….. os Dejo I phone 600887755 Thank you.

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