Cruelty beyond belief: A truck with five hundred cats rescued path of restaurants in China

These images show the time in which a truck with 500 Jacks was arrested during a routine check carried out in Xuzhou, in the Eastern Province of Jiangsu (China).

Scary: Some of the cats had been stuffed into bags with just enough space to breathe

Cats, in sorry state, they were stacked in cages towards food for sale as meat establishments.
Lucky for the animals, some of them had been stuffed into sacks, the truck was intercepted and subjected to control.

Once stopped the truck, the officers were surprised to verify the contents of the load.
The official Sun Hai, that contributed to the rescue of the terrified cats, said: “The driver asserted that the load was of rabbits”, but then, to discover the canvas they were surprised to see a lot of cages and sacks with living cats.

After the discovery, a group of volunteers belonging to an animal protection centre arrived quickly on the scene.
They opened the bags to save the animals about to die suffocated and were provided with food and water.

It is believed that the cargo owner refused to reveal the origin of cats and that even it took seven hours of negotiations the management to deliver them to rescue teams.

Cats have been transferred to an animal rescue Center in Tangzhang County, where being treated.
For a long time it has been condemning the treatment of animals in China, where cats and dogs are sold as food.
Previously, cats and dogs had been seen inside cages without space to move, many of them sick, in a market of live animals in Nanhai, China.

The caged animals: Many of the 500 cats were overcrowded in small cages in the back of the truck.

The market of the three birds, where cats live in small metal baskets, shall be deemed to operate as a market of poultry in southern China.

Dog meat is also believed that it is a staple food in this area of China and the people believe that it is the best meat to keep warm during the winter.

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Source: dailymail

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