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Cyprus cat
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The earliest evidence of the domestic cat was found on the islands of Cyprus. In 2001 French archaeologists discovered a human tomb of some 9.500 years old in which together with the deceased person had a cat.

The site was in Shillourokambos. The experts agreed to register the early in the evolution of which we today know as domestic cat from that discovery. The tomb was the evidence of the earliest examples of the domestication of the cat.

It seems that Cypriots have decided that it is your turn to have its own cat.

The evidence of DNA by the Davis University, California seem to have established that there are two types of Purebred Cats not registered in Cyprus and the Cyprus feline society waiting to be recognized as associated exclusively with Cyprus cats. These types of cats have been called:

Physical characteristics

  • 1 – Aphrodite . A breed that is larger, stronger and taller than the other cat that has been called
  • 2 – Santa Elena . St. Helena is smaller, with big eyes, but a smaller face.

Probably, the Cyprus problem is that other cat associations are better able to develop species and turn them into a new breeds of cats. I suspect that Cypriot feline society is not as active as that of England or the United States.UU..

It is a pity that we do not have the official photographs of the two cats. Although cats that roam Cyprus, as illustrated in this page (There are many of them) they are probably the cats that are talking about.

Via: Harvey Harrison (Lapta, Cyprus) –

Breeds of cats: Cyprus Mountain

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