Complaint by the brutal death of two dogs – Jaén (Spain)

Protectora de animales de Úbeda

The protective society of animals Felicán a case of animal abuse reported to the Guardia Civil, result in the death of two dogs. The facts, según la entidad, occurred on a plot in the cemetery road, in la cuesta Zapata, where a dog and Cub died at the hands, apparently, of its owner. The adult animal was hanged and beaten small.

From the protective court requested him were removed to the owner the other dogs in the plot, to avoid a repetition of the events, to the hardness of what happened. Según argumentan, the dog had serious wounds in a leg and was in appalling hygienic conditions sanitary and with an extreme thinness.

The case, It was discovered by a partner of Felican, que hacía un seguimiento de los canes, He came to be photographed alive, It was made known to the Seprona of the Guardia Civil. However, the complainant says that, Despite the complaint, the owner decided to slaughter the animals unless given time to save them.
Felican announced that all similar cases shall be placed in the hands of Justice and recalled that animal abuse is a crime punishable, even, with jail. They encouraged citizens to denounce these situations.

Laura Martínez/Úbeda


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1 thought on "Complaint by the brutal death of two dogs – Jaén (Spain)”

  1. seems degrading this situation since the peronsa Act worse than animals even animals have feelings on the other hand people who kill animals no longer seem human but gross and irrational beings . the truth what a shame give me since they kill these defenseless animals in a cruel and shameful way and Spain that lack of heart and humanity


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