Reported by mistreating German shepherds on a farm of Olius

Maltrato animal en finca de Olius...The Mossos d ’ police have reported to a breeder to have on his farm of Olius a hundred of shepherd in terrible conditions of hygiene and health.

According to the Catalan police, They denounced the 29 from September to this neighbor of Solsona for a crime of mistreatment of animals, Once an endowment in Mossos located the dogs on the farm while conducting a preventive patrol.

Speaking to Europa Press, the Deputy Head of the police station of Solsona, Xavier Vilella, He explained that a dozen of dogs “they had parasites and skin lesions” due to disease and poor nutrition, and they were without food or water.

One of them suffered from a disease that made him develop a virus that created major lacerations on the skin, According to the veterinary report.

Dogs, many of them extremely thin, they were distributed in several cages, some of them “overcrowded” no food or drink, and according to the traces found, the caregiver only gave them chickens to eat.

The House had been rented by the defendant, and it is only dedicated to breeding, training and sale of purebred German Shepherd dogs.


The Mossos he was denounced criminal proceedings for a crime of abuse administratively by the law of protection of animals and animal since it lacked municipal licence to raise and train dogs.

By the time the animals, they are on legal deposit, been on the farm in the custody of its owner, that you should be responsible for taking care of them, until they are required by the judicial authority.

The Mossos have decided to stay in this farm “to how complicated it would be relocating to 99 animals” Since the majority of protective do not have enough space, while ensuring that the well-being of the dogs conditions are appropriate.

The proceedings of the case will come to judge between this Thursday and Friday so continue with instruction and cite to declare the breeder, so far he has refused to declare in police station.

Source: Europapress

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