Denounce the abandonment of 22 horses on a farm of Manganeses la Lampreana – Zamora (Spain)

Caballos abandonados
A Mare, in deplorable health and hygiene conditions in Arucas

Animal defence ensures that they have symptoms of 'severe malnutrition'

The Zamora Animal defense Association has denounced the situation of «abuse» and «symptoms of severe malnutrition"with 22 horses on a farm of Manganeses la Lampreana. The facts, they have been reported to the Seprona of the Guardia Civil, they were corroborated by two members of the Association in defense of animals joined in the plot where the horses after receiving the notice of several citizens.

Once there, Defence Animal volunteers proved that horses were «symptoms of severe malnutrition as well as unequivocal signs of abandonment».

The Organization sources have pointed out that «horses lacked access to water», «Since the brook that drank another years gone due to current drought». According to witnesses, «the animals have survived drinking the urine through the estate from the town of Manganeses la Lampreana». As aggravating, «equines have no shelter to shelter from inclement weather and predators».

Faced with this situation the association defending Animal Zamora has lodged a complaint with the nature protection service of Castile and León for breach of the law 32/2007 of 7 November, for the care of animals in its exploitation, transport, experimentation and sacrifice, as the Royal Decree 804/2011, of 10 of June, which regulates the zootechnical management, health and animal welfare of corners farms and establishing the equine health plan. Defenders of animals also requested that horses «are withdrawn to the defendant in a preventive way», «to prevent the Commission of further infringements».

The Association calls for end of «few before with this social scourge which is abuse», "torture and mistreatment of non-human animals".

Source: laopiniondezamora

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