They denounced the State of neglect of eleven dogs in Doneztebe – Gipuzkoa – Spain

They are tied, without food and a shack full of excrement

Eleven dogs that are tied in this small space, they are in poor hygienic conditions. :: PERROLAND

Tied with a string of fifty centimeters, crowded into a space of just over ten square metres, sniffing their own feces and urine, without food… Thus were eleven hunting dogs, sighthound most, in a shack in the town of Doneztebe, as it denounces the dissemination Association for the rights of animals, Perroland. This entity has submitted two separate writings to the Mayor of the town and the director-general of environment and water of the Government of Navarra, to those who requested the opening of sanctioning proceedings against the owner of the dogs.
The Association sources relate that the situation in which the animals were was discovered by chance at the end of last week during a tour of the. «We went by the bidegorri to Doneztebe», but as he did very good weather we decided to continue up to the Hermitage of Saint Leocadia. Halfway we encounter a scene that seemed daunting to us: We saw eleven dogs crowded in a bounded area of ten square meters, tied with chains of half a meter and had some metal drums as carrier. The animals eat their own excrement. "The smell was foul", explains a spokesperson for Association.

The facts were reported to the service of protection of the nature of the Civil Guard (Seprona) the post of Urdax.
Officers of the armed Institute moved to the next day to the Shack and took some photographs. The guards found that some of the dogs, If not all, they lacked the mandatory microchip although they had the name and telephone number of the owner in the collar. 'We were told that they sent a complaint at the Town Hall and another in the Government of Navarra', They explain from the Association.
No time to care for them

Two days after the visit of the agents, Civil Guard contacted those responsible for Perroland to make them aware of research. «They had located the owner», who had acknowledged that he had no time to deal with dogs. He told them he would give them to eat when he could. The guards demanded that you submit health cards of eleven dogs. Now, «a veterinarian will have to verify that animals are in sanitary hygienic conditions that required by the law of animal protection», says the spokesperson for the Association.
Perroland has submitted two written complaints, one to the Mayor of the municipality of Santesteban and another to the Department General of environment of the Government of Navarra. Both documents, the Association claims that the shack does not fulfil the most minimal health and hygiene conditions for live animals. «Ground», the Dewar, "buckets of food and other utensils have long without being cleaned and disinfected", ensure.
They added that 'it can be said without any doubt that these dogs have long been», If not his life, living in such conditions of abuse. Keep animals tied up with half a metre of string, no room to move and close on their own excrement is a type of animal abuse, in this case it seems to occur repeatedly, «that might be considered cruelty».

After recalling the laws in force requires the owners of the animals to keep them well cared for and prohibits any abuse case, He requested that they ordered the opening of an administrative sanction proceedings.
«We are on the case»

The Mayor of Santesteban, Miguel San Miguel Azpiroz, It has announced that he will take letters in the subject. "We have received the complaint by the Seprona as well as the Association and we're going to get in touch with the owner of the animals".
The Mayor described as "shocking" the photographs that you have come from the association with respect to the situation in which the dogs were. "The first thing we do is take the dogs of the place", because they are not really in good condition. And then, We will check if the hut is legal or not. «We urge the owner to make her disappear».



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