They denounce the massacre of 100.000 ducks a year in a granaja of foie gras in Teruel

The Organization for the rights of animals Animal equality has denounced the death of 100.000 ducks a year by the practices “irregular” during the process of production of foie gras, as the priming of the animals, Caracierzos farm, in Santa Eulalia de el Campo (Teruel), considered the second largest in Spain in production of this product.

For this reason, Animal equality has presented, This Wednesday, a complaint with the Ministry of agriculture, Food and environment against this farm by the “failure to comply with provisions of the regulations in force in the field of animal welfare, conditions that must meet sanitary facilities and hygienic conditions”, as it has indicated the Organization.

The Organization has uncovered various irregularities, through a process of research and documentation carried out between the years 2011 and 2012, that it was practised in Caracierzos as the use of individual cages during feeding forced or priming process –practice banned in European legislation–; the sign of neglect veterinary causing health problems in animals; as well as the presence of animals held in plastic constructions.

In addition, It has revealed the lack of filtering systems of air and Windows in the farm facilities; the use of a system of feeders and drinkers that favours the spread of diseases among animals; and the use of spaces that lack of equipment and proper controls for the cleaning and disinfection of vehicles accessing the farm.

Also, Animal equality has criticised the presence of blood and covered with broken beak ducks, without be attended during his stay at the farm; with eye infections; with indicators of stress; and some dead inside and outside cages.

The Organization has also underlined the farm of Caracierzos provides outstanding companies that sell products derived from duck nationwide in supermarkets, establishments ‘ gourmet’ and well-known restaurants in Spain.

The spokesman for Animal equality, Sharon Nunez, It pointed out that this research uncovers a “scandal for the foie gras European industry” and has requested that the administrations “take letters in the subject”.

Last but not least, It has announced that they would begin a campaign during 2013 For what “follow no ignored this situation. The initiative will take place as a result of investigations presented during 2012 and aims to “create social debate, push specific prohibitions of the production of foie gras in Spain and establishments to stop selling this product”. “We do not want that I will develop the product in another way, but to ban the production of foie gras”, It has concluded.


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