Detainee while beat his two dogs with a bar on the street – Sevilla (Spain)

A man, J.C.S, of 32 years and Swedish nationality, He has been arrested after acting violently against national police officers after they try to punish him on a street in the Centre of Seville by delivering a beating with a steel bar to two dogs of your property.

As reported by the national police, the man was arrested accused of crimes of resistance, disobedience and attack against the agents of the authority, When are you attempted to identify by mistreating animals in public street with a steel bar.

The intervention occurred when the operating room of the 091 He informed the police that had received calls which explained that a person threatened passers-by with a metallic object.

Once on the scene the agents found the veracity of these threats and various citizens explained that the reason for them was that had sharp you their behavior, because he wore a while shouting and beating two dogs who were with him with a metal bar.

  • He was charged with crimes of resistance, disobedience and attack against the agents of the authority, After that is him trying to identify by mistreating animals

Why agents requested his personal documentation to identify, what the man refused repeatedly and, nervous and agitated, He began making insults to the police who even tried to hit with the metallic object.

The man was even falsely punched and kicked the officers, so it had to be reduced and stopped.

The dogs showed symptoms of continued ill-treatment, and after the arrest of its owner officers noticed that the dogs presented numerous injuries, new and old.

One of the dogs was lame for the same and showed symptoms of malnutrition, so began the formalities necessary to make welcome them any institution for the protection of animals, making your move to one of these centres.

Via: abcdesevilla

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