Arrested for throwing a dog to the train tracks in Valencia

The alleged perpetrator adopted along with his son up to three dogs of a protector of animals

Agents of the national police of Valencia have arrested a man of 42 years accused of throwing a dog to the train tracks, He died hit, and that it had previously been adopted in a protective of animals.

The events took place about eight in the morning last Wednesday, When a young man travelling in your car at Valencia avenida Hermanos Machado observed how a man threw a dog to the train tracks and was leaving the place.

The young man he scolded by what he had just done, but the man ignored and left the dog in the developing, whose body was later found by Local police, He found that it came from a protective, Valencia.

According to the national police investigations, This protective had come a father and a son to adopt a dog, and later they returned claiming that had lost them the animal, so it took another.

Both repeated this action and were in total three dogs of this protective, days later received a call of a veterinary clinic in which a dog that had previously belonged to this Center and which had been adopted by the man and his son had been left abandoned. The protective took the dog back to the shelter.

The police found out the identity of the alleged perpetrator and the Monday morning, After locating it in the vicinity of your home, He was arrested. The dog run over by the train turned out to be the last taken.

The man, Spanish source and with the police, He is arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime relating to the wildlife and domestic animals and has already gone to court.


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