Arrested for killing the neighbor cat

Alicante – Spain

The arrested was surprised when he beat her in a cat with a broom and a patio “PATA de cabra”


The seven lives of the cat “Leone” they removed of broom and one beaten to death “PATA de cabra”. The alleged assailant, of 47 years, He was arrested by national police accused of a crime of animal abuse and after appearing on police premises and claim to have killed the cat because he had tried to attack him to him and a small dog that is was released with charges, According to this newspaper reported sources close to the case. The Mérida Raúl Foundation for the protection of animals said yesterday, After learning of aggression, It personará to exercise private prosecution. The last penal reform envisages penalties of 3 - 12 months deto prison, While the law 4/94 the Generalitat envisages penalties of 6.000 - 18.000 euros for abuse of animals.

The facts occurred in a building of the Virgin of the remedy district. Lenin, the owner of “Leone”, He left the animal two days at home of his brother Luis because he had to make a trip. The cat was used to down the balcony at night and Thursday morning did not appear as did every day. On the three and a half in the afternoon, Luis is startled to hear how roared a cat and heard shots. He looked at the window of the courtyard of the building and on the ground floor there was a man beating the cat with a broom. After using the broom grabbed one “PATA de cabra” to finish the animal, According to the eyewitness reported to the police. Dead once the Cat got her into a garbage bag, He threw it into a container and cleaned with water the courtyard

A police patrol went to the place after being alerted in the case of abuse and interview with the alleged aggressor ended up acknowledging the facts and saying what container he had pulled the bag with the body of the cat. In his defence he said that the cat had already gotten is twice at home and agents who had tried to attack him and his little dog in the room of your home. However, officials noted that neither the man nor his dog had scratches.

The owner of the cat, of Ecuadorian origin, He met the son of the arrested and he asked forgiveness and went to withdraw the complaint, but police already warned that the process would continue.

Lenin noted yesterday to this newspaper that had the cat for two years - is caught by his mother of the protective- and was “cariñosísima with people”, by what she doubted that attack man. The owner picked up the body of its cat of the container and buried in a field near his home in the neighborhood it Virgen del Remedio.


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