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The national police have arrested a man accused of a crime in Huelva's animal abuse to cause death to a dog which left locked in the boot of his car for almost 24 hours without ventilation.

As reported by the national police in a statement, the detainee, C.D.M., has of 31 years and the police will not consist.

The facts happened in the Huelva neighborhood of The Torrejón When a surveillance patrol observed how an individual took out a dead dog of the Interior of the boot your car, parked in the Gladiolus Street.

The man told agents that the previous day, in the afternoon, in a celebration gave him a Greyhound that got the boot and forgot about it until the 15.00 hours of the next day, and to go to pick it up found it dead.

The police arrested this man, that has been in freedom with charges, and municipal services took care of the corpse dog.

  • The detainee has 31 years and no police record will consist
  • The man explained that they gave him a Greyhound and he forgot it in the car
  • The man has been released with charges for the crime of animal abuse

EFE (Huelva)

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