Arrested for beheading and butchering animals and hang photos on social networking


The patrol of the service of protection of nature (SEPRONA) la Guardia Civil de Villanueva de los Infantes has arrested a person and accused of again as alleged authors of a crime against wildlife and domestic animal abuse.

These actions were carried out following the complaint filed by a person against the team of SEPRONA of Tres Cantos (Madrid), After having seen pictures and comments on a social network in which several people prided themselves on death and abuse of pets, a cat and a hamster, as well as other examples of bat, Culebra, swallow, greenfinches, all catalogued species of special interest.


This complaint was immediately transferred to the patrol of SEPRONA of Villanueva de los Infantes, place containing the residence of detainees in their social network profile.

The Civil Guard carried out the necessary investigations to identify and locate the people involved in these events and once gathered the necessary evidence arrested J.C.M., of 19 years of age and resident of Torre de Juan Abad, as perpetrator of the facts and it charged to P.J.F.M., of 19 years of age and resident of Madrid, both as alleged perpetrators of a crime against wildlife and domestic animal abuse

Educated proceedings, along with detainees, they have been delivered in the Court of instruction number 1 Villanueva de los infantes.

Via: miciudadreal

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