Stop a man by abuse and neglect of domestic animals

The neighbour of Nules in Zaragoza had animals with extreme thinness and some dead, among horses, Mouflon, goats, dogs, pigs, donkeys and wild boar

The Civil Guard have arrested a man in Nules, neighbor of Zaragoza, for an offence of abuse and neglect of domestic animals in a facility where he had animals in extreme thinness and some dead. The arrest occurred after inspections of the SEPRONA and the official veterinary services of Castellón (OCAPA), which have made various complaints in the field of animal health and protection of pets.

After receiving a notice of a citizen, reported by the Civil Guard said in a statement, an inspection was carried out the past 9 January in which tracked down a dead horse and remains, apparently, a pig, What violates health measures of destruction of dead animals. In installations, in a State of abandonment, several horses were, Mouflon, goats, a dog, pigs and wild boars, all of them, except two donkeys and wild boar, in extreme thinness.

In addition, There was no food in any part of the installation, whose owner had no documentation relating to animals or environmental license. The detainee, F.P.L., of 62 years, already have had seized you in October of 2012 eight raccoons, for lack of identification and appropriate veterinary care. The man was set free prior knowledge of the Court's instruction number 3 of Nules.


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