Doll Faced Persian

Doll Faced Persian

The cat Doll Faced Persian He is regarded as a pure Persian cat breed. This race has not changed his physical appearance, but some farmers in the United States and other parts of the world began to interpret the rule differently.

There are two main classifications of the Persians, including the modern Peke-faced Persian with a flat face, seen more frequently in shows and the traditional Doll-face Persian with the mouth, face and nose well in front of the eyes.
The traditional Doll Faced Persian still retains the authentic Persian look: open face, round and seductive.

Physical characteristics

The majority of the Persians are medium to large in size and are usually classified as “Cobby“, It means robust short-legged. The Persian breasts are broader and deeper. A healthy Persian will have a good muscle tone when it is well maintained.

Character and skills

The Doll Faced Persian are known for their sweet and gentle nature. They hold security and serenity and patience will be adapted to most of the homes and environments.

The voice of a Persian is quiet and doesn't irritate ears, like some other races. They have expressive faces and beautiful eyes used to communicate with their owners. They tend to be patient, instead of assets, with his feet on the ground, preferring to keep their feet on dry land, instead of climbing up the curtains.

The Doll Faced Persian are lovers of fun, requiring little, just a little care affection. Good fellow. They are wonderful pets for people of all ages.

Breeds of cats: Doll Faced Persian

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