With the diversity of breeds of cats that exist today, without a doubt, the best known is the domestic cat, or as affectionately known in English “moggie“.

There are some facts about the common cat. Color turtle jacks, for example, they are almost always female, being always sterile males of this color. Completely white cats are usually deaf, While the speckled Orange tend to be males, Hence the name “Ginger tom” (red-haired cat).

Physical characteristics

As they do not meet any specific standard, recently a special category has included in exhibitions to introduce domestic cats. But with his mind, even his temperament and ability to adapt to any environment, It is easy to understand why these cats are a few excellent companions and have become one of the most famous cats of the world.

You can find cats of many colors, coat patterns and sizes, fit all personal tastes. These resilient creatures are usually short and easy to care for hair, so the necessary care tend to be minimum, Although it is possible to find any length hair.

Domestic cats often live to the 12 years, But if they are well cared for and fed can come to the 15 years.

It is a medium or large size cat; the females usually weigh a maximum of 6,5 kg and males up 9 kg.

Character and skills

These charming cats will be happy playing with animals of their kind or with any animal that has learned to respect other cats and to play with them without any problems.

The home is suitable for anyone and lifestyle. To be safe and happy, a tightly closed House is essential and the owners must be willing to give him love and a lot of toys to make it entertaining.


Breeds of cats: Domestic cat

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