Two neighbors found eleven dogs abandoned in or Repibelo (A Coruña)

Spartacus found a home shortly after being found, with his ten brothers, by two residents of Arteixo walked on the night of last Tuesday in the area of O Repibelo. A Local police officer volunteered to take the animal, a mixed puppy for less than one month of life, and that it bears the name of the famous Gladiator who defied the Roman Empire.

Agents feed, last Tuesday, the puppies found by two neighbors. / the opinion

The police rushed to the scene, together with another partner, After receiving notice of the neighbors. After feeding the Cubs with milk, the agents were in contact with Servigal, concessionaire of the privation of the consortium of ACE marine service, to take responsibility for the animals.

Now Spartacus brothers waiting in the canine Center be adopted. It's five females and five males that are, as they explain from Servigal, “in a perfect state of health”. Some beige, other color white and Brown and only one cinnamon, ten dogs await at Abegondo facilities by an owner who provided a home to live.

The fee for adopting a pet Servigal amounts to little more than 55 EUR, price which includes the implementation of the mandatory microchip, the first vaccine of the animal and, in case if necessary, its worming. “Fortunately, no de-worming these puppies”, They aim from the company of privation, you rely on finding a home for siblings of the lucky Spartacus.


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