Owner of circus convicted of abuse to an elephant in United Kingdom


Employer received 3 years probation, Although his wife was acquitted of the same crime. Still looking for the caregiver of the animal, direct perpetrator of physical abuse.

Bobby Roberts (69), the owner of a circus in the United Kingdom, He has been sentenced to 3 years probation by the mistreatment of Anne, an Asian elephant's 58 years,BBC reported.

The trial began in March of the 2011, then to the ONGprotectora of the animals Animal Defenders International (ADI) It leak a shocking video in which appears the caretaker of the ancient mammal, Nicolai Nitu, abusing him on numerous occasions. In the recording you can see how Anne falters at times.

Roberts has been condemned for not having been able to stop these actions to 3 years probation. His wife has been acquitted of the same charges.

So far the authorities have not given with Nitu, principal author of abuse, suspect who fled to his native Romania.

The non-governmental organization stated that the video was taken between the 21 of January and 15 February of the 2011, a period in which there were 48 abuse.

For the conviction, the judge considered that the destruction of the reputation and business of the accused, Once the news came to light in March of the 2011, was sufficient punishment. Also considered that it was the first ruling of Roberts, and the fact that he had not been directly cruel with the elephant. The owner of circus can continue raising animals.

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