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The three bands Armadillo


The Three bands Armadillo It has one of the most efficient defenses against their enemies. It is the only armadillo capable of rolling itself into an almost perfect ball when threatened., the most vulnerable parts of your body can hide between their shields, as your ears, legs and tails. It has three mobile bands in the shell.

  • CLASS: Mammalia
  • ORDER: Edentata
  • FAMILY: Dasypodidae
  • GENRE: Tolypeutes
  • SPECIES: Armadillo Tolypeutes
  • COMMON NAME: Tatu bolita.

They are in some parts of the North of Argentina , Southwest Brazil , Paraguay and Bolivia , at elevations from sea level to the 770 m.

The length of the body, from head to tail, is of approximately 36 cm.. It has a very small tail, only 6 cm length. His weight fluctuates between 1,45 and 1,59 Kg.

Usually it does not manufacture their own burrows, but to use the abandoned of Anteaters. Its main food is termites and ants as well as worms., beetles and spiders, which capture using their claws, in their nests, under the bark of trees and on the ground.

the brood, usually a single, born with eyes closed, even that can walk and screwed. The mother transports the young by gently taking it with her mouth from one of the edges of the shell or from an arm. It is known that they can live up to 11 years.

In captivity, armadillos can eat foods such as fruits and vegetables.

A three-banded armadillo was the mascot of the World Cup in Brazil. 2014

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