The horrific case of dumb dogs in Argentina

The day 23 June last the Argentine channel America, in its central news, He showed a hidden camera that realizes a reprehensible fact at all levels, an unusual cruelty and which is doing business in the neighbouring country: In the city of Berisso, a woman mutilated dogs getting them their vocal cords, as well they not barked and sold as dogs that do not disturb.

A few years ago had become fashionable in Brazil loud vocal cords to these pet surgery, It whining them. An outrage simply.

The Council of Brazil veterinary medicine has issued recently on the subject, comment making it clear that veterinarians who practice that surgery on a serious lack ethics and therefore, they may be subject to sanctions.

But now the law imposes. In Brasilia, veterinarians who make these mutilations can be punished with up to one year in prison.
Re-educate the annoying animal is the only thing that should be done and of course that is possible if devoted you the time and effort required.

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