The dog with three legs that helped a child, with rare disease to overcome their fear of the outside world

  • Owen, of 7 years, He realized that the genetic condition made him different from other children
  • His foster-father Haatchi, a shepherd of Anatolia that had lost a leg after being tied to a railroad
  • The dog and the child soon became inseparable and Owen now loves going with Haatchi dog
perro de tres patas
Owen with his friend Haatchi, It has helped you overcome your anxiety from the outside world

Owen you scared talk to people and he was concerned about leaving your House in Basingstoke, Hampshire.
But now Haatchi, a dog Shepherd of Anatolia adopted in a rescue Center, did Owen to give a twist to your life.
Both can be seen walking together down the street as two friends any.
Owen suffers from Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, a rare illness that causes that your muscles are always tense.

perro de tres patas
The Anatolian Shepherd clashed quickly with Owen

Haatchi had a difficult start, He suffered terrible wounds once it was tied to a railway line and hit by a train when he was ten months old. He was found days later, shrunk, with tail and a broken back legs.
Led to the consultation of a veterinary, Nothing could do to save his tail and leg and both had to be amputated.
The future of Haatchi looked bleak, but the society for the protection of animals and the center of the German Shepherd Dog Rescue of the United Kingdom struggled to find a new home.
It was finally adopted by the father of Owen and his girlfriend Colleen Drummond, of 41 years, that you read on Facebook about the plight of the animal.

Colleen, someone who has been part of the family when Owen was three years, said: “As soon as they met, the Haatchi effect on Owen was amazing. Before your arrival, Owen didn't exit – was practically agorafobico.
“When started school, He became more aware of their difference, and became even more withdrawn.
The condition of Owen requires regular treatment at the hospital, but the simple joy of being with the “energetic puppy” It makes it easier for him to cope with therapy.

perro de tres patas
The Owen family decided to adopt the gentle giant Haatchi after reading on Facebook about his difficult start

Now feels different about his syndrome after seeing Haatchi to take your “medicine” – a mixture of Manuka honey, oil, salmon and supplements.
Colleen said: ‘ Owen used to be afraid of strangers, but now he wants to talk to everyone on Haatchi and wants to go out all the time at the dog shows.
“The difference that we see in the, You can not be expressed with words.”

Will, the father of Owen, said: “He is incredibly attached to Haatchi – in fact, are very close to each other.
‘ Haatchi comes to drink to the bathroom when I'm bathing Owen, they do not like to be separated.”

Haatchi, with 15 months, completed his training as a “Therapy Dogs”
You will soon begin to visit soldiers with amputations of the war of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other children in the hospital and Hospice.

The incredible desire for survival of Haatchi, as well as the positive impact that has had on the life of Owen has led him to win a prize from the International Fund for Animal welfare. Will be presented at the Animal action Awards event in the House of Lords next week.
The event will be organized by the Baroness Gale and the awards given by guitarist Queen Brian May.
Robbie Marsland, Director of IFAW's United Kingdom, said: “When we learn the incredible story of Haatchi and the very special relationship you have with Owen, I knew that I had to IFAW Animal of the year ‘.

perro de tres patas
Owen now loves going with Haatchi dog, where has proved to be a success

Colleen said: “We feel totally privileged and honored that Haatchi get this award IFAW.”

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