Spinning dog, a cruel ritual for “protection from rabies” that is still practiced in Bulgaria


Defenders of animals have managed to thwart the strange tradition of spinning dog, a cruel ritual for “protection from rabies” that is still practiced in Bulgaria which is in turn dogs over a river, tied to a rope, in order to prevent rabies.

For hundreds of years, the inhabitants of a rural area of Bulgaria, Brodilovo, in the southeast of the country, they have carried out this annual ritual of spring.
It's turn dogs clamped by a rope extended until that was tense and then thread the dog through a knot at the end.

Local residents then leave the animal to fall into the water with the inertia of the giro.
Terrified dogs reach such high speeds are unable to swim at the time of fall River.

However, the Pagan tradition – prohibited by law in 2006, but it is still practiced – This year was thwarted after that organization for the rights of animals montaroan a campaign to denounce the cruelty.
The members for the rights of the animals of Sofia have guarded the shores of the Veleka River, passing the weekend for locals to comply with the law.

Video with cruel images, not recommended for sensitive people:

Via [ENG]: dailymail

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