Posted by pets | 11 May 2011

    The ' poly’ not be wroth with the pequinés

    Sentenced to 20 days of fine agent who killed a dog of a shot in the head

    Amine NASSER Granada

    The agent during the trial. EFE

    To the 4 the evening of the 12 in May of 2009, Police Local Jacinto M. D., When was in service in the police vehicle, sighted “a Pekinese dog, about four kilograms of weight without purity of breed or pedigree”, lying on the floor and sleeping near the gate to the House of a neighbor, in the town of Puebla de Don Fadrique (Granada). From the same vehicle, with a “unspecified firearm”, the agent shot to the head of the dog , “causing death” and then pulled the animal in a container trash. These are the facts of the judgment of the criminal court number 3 of Granada, condemns the police as the author of a lack of damage to the penalty of 20 fine days, with a daily quota of 10 EUR, as well as to compensate with 225 euros to the owner of the can and to pay half of the costs involved, but it acquits the crime of animal abuse that accused you.

    The dog in question is called Coke. It was nine months old and the custom of escape of the farmhouse he lived to chase by the people and lie down to sleep anywhere. The judgment considered fully proven that the police killed the Pekingese's accurate shot, but has not been able to try tell the agent “I'm going after you” When he saw the dog sleeping. In the resolution, the owner of the criminal court number 3 of Granada, Antonio Aguilera Morales, considers that the actions of the agent “It is contrary to all sensitivity and respect for animals”, but is not disputed that the dog suffer or that cruelty had used”.

    The agent has been acquitted of the crime of domestic animal abuse, given that the “death of the can was immediate consequence of having been shot in the head”, without that “He deliberately increased the suffering of the animal”.

    The judgment, However, considers that “the accused killed the animal in an unjustified manner that he could have used a less violent means for the capture of the animal and not to resort to killing him or, in the event of failure to” could “make the necessary steps to give notice to the Kennel”.

    It is the first time in Spain that a local agent is sentenced as the perpetrator of a lack for killing a dog. At the trial, that was seen to ruling last February, the accused confessed that he shot the dog in the head and assured that the animal “was a danger”.

    During the oral hearing, the Prosecutor amended its provisional conclusions and described the facts lack of damage comouna, instead of the crime of animal abuse that had initially considered. The private prosecution, exercised by the protective Association of animals 'The refuge‘, It had requested a sentence of one year's imprisonment for the crime of animal abuse and another for an offence of threats.


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