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The Elf they have been researched and developed in the United States.UU. by the breeder Karen Nelson. A solid foundation has been built using blood lines of many Elf breeders located in Arizona, California and Idaho. Currently the crosses involving domestic short hair are allowed, is any cat belonging to the domesticus Felis you are not registered as a recognized breed.

The Elf are being registered as an experimental breed by the International Cat Association (TICA).

Physical characteristics

Medium to large size, the Elf is a tough cat. In spite of this, Ideally, the cat shows a rounded belly. Curly ears come from their ancestorsAmerican Curl. Whiskers and eyebrows may or may not be present, If present, It is likely to be thin and slim. This race is covered with a thin, almost transparent fluff.

Character and skills

These cats are very intelligent. They are the feline equivalent of a poodle: loving, tender and happy in the lap of someone. Highly sociable and curious , they love being the center of attention.


Just as his ancestors the American Curl, the ears of these cats should be treated with care to avoid damaging the cartilage. With or without soft cover, the Elf need protection against UV rays. In addition, without hair, they react to heat and cold just like us. If your need a sweater, also needs it the Elf.

Long term health problems is unknown at this time.

Breeds of cats: Elf

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