Extermination of cats and dogs by euro – Ukraine

Ukraine prepares to host the European Football Championship 2012 and its efforts to present a country more elegant has caused that want to eliminate all street animals. The solution to the problem has been to kill them.

The Ukraine Government has decided get rid of all cats and dogs Street of the city to clean it before the arrival of journalists, players and tourists visiting the city with a view to the holding of the euro 2012, According to the daily "The Sun"

An investigation found that the animals were not relocated, but they were poisoned or shot. Only in Kiev, the capital of the country, It is estimated that a 20.000 animals have been killed.

In the city of Donetsk, a Kennel has received approximately 40 euros per each dog who has sacrificed. This news will certainly affect both to the animal lovers as lovers of football.

Ukraine, together with Poland organizes the European Championship 2012, It was announced earlier this month that would kill dogs. But Judith Pein, of the German branch of PETA, People for the ethical treatment of animals, It has ensured that this It is still happening.

According to Judith, “It would be cruel to do this anyway, but do it for football is outrageous. The people in these shelters which we call told us it was old and sick dogs, but there was no puppies from there”

"These murders this directly related to the holding of the euro" 2012. The killing of dogs is a business very cost effective”. PETA claims that they are not aware of how many dogs are killing in Poland.

Source: lasextanoticias

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