L describe ’ Oceanogràfic of Valencia denounce abuse to animals

The Oceanographic

CACSA denies any abuse and ensure that facilities meet “all” quality requirements

Two former L ’ Oceanogràfic of Valencia have moved to the NGO SOS dolphins cases of “slackness” and “bad practices” in some animals, What has brought them to “sick” or, even, “to the death”, warned in a statement this entity –It brings together different associations–.

Against this version, from the city of Arts and Sciences (CACSA), the complex where L ’ Oceanografic, they have denied any kind of abuse to animals and they have secured, speaking to Europa Press, the Center's facilities meet “all” quality requirements. They have also pointed out that they will not enter “in this type of controversy”.

These two past the Park put in knowledge these facts to SOS dolphins separately, at different times, as reported from the entity to Europa Press, but they have pointed out that by now they discard move this situation to the Civil Guard or the courts.

Since that had knowledge of these facts, the entity has reported that he has directed both the direction of the Park and the Generalitat valenciana for reporting on some of these problems of welfare, and it has received answers “unsatisfactory” by the Administration.

These two former have denounced, among others, the case of a male walrus that, due to the stress that resulted in limited access to sunlight, “He died by the long intake of stones”. They also warned that a dolphin died “by eating the painting of the walls of the swimming pool”.

Another of the “problems”, He added the entity, is that there is a “excess” of animals for the size of the “small” pool. As an example, It has been suggested that the water of the sea lions “It is often cloudy and with large amounts of aluminum”. “Supposedly, one of the Lions frequently clashed with the divers while they cleaned your tank”, you have added.

The same sources have pointed out that the dolphins must be done “painful endoscopies periodically to remove them from the stomach all sorts of objects that are swallowed. Even, on at least one occasion, they extracted him a mobile phone of the stomach to a dolphin”.

They have also warned –based on the stories of the past– on cases of “attacks” the divers, as well as that of the beluga whale, KaiRo, “not accept your meal and the Russian coaches who were hired had secured him from the blowhole –delicate organ, painful and vital– and if not accepted the fish, full of all sorts of drugs, received a punch on the melon”.


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