FIMASCOTA 2012: Exposition canine in Valladolid

Fimascota 2012: Antonio Horcajo y Tuna (Galgo Afgano)

Last Saturday (25 February), We were visiting the dogshow whose title heads this post. Already then in house, plays investigate, because it is interesting to know from where emerge things and what type of event is this. Because, We found history narration.

FIMASCOTA It is an event on an annual basis that organizes the Society dog show Castellana, This year we have been able to enjoy it in the 25 to the 26 in February of 2012 in the facilities of the fairground of the Feria de Valladolid. For lovers of pets is an unmissable, because it is an ideal time to see close rare breeds ('rare' because they are not fashion, or because it is difficult to get ejemplares…).

This exhibition national and international dog has history and are going to tell you a little bit of her...

We said above that, the exhibition is organized by la Castellana Canine society, well... We started out there, citing your website because there are better described in what we could do..., la Castellana Canine society:

"From the legal point of view", It is an Office that processed the dogs born in the various provinces documentation covering this Castilian Canine society. From the point of view canine and the perspective of its directors, We intend to be a society open to everyone, where can go to chat on dogs, moviegoers problems, to expose ideas and concerns of all partners and friends wishing to do (Web: Society dog show Castellana)”.

I quote this brief presentation because in addition to invite us to participate and share concerns, in the history of la Castellana Canine society, There is a footprint that makes one feel more proud of their city:

"Valladolid is privileged to be one of the first cities in Spain where dog exhibitions were held". These exhibitions were held within the programme of festivities during the fairs and festivals of San Mateo in September of 1917 " (I invite you to read the full story on the website of the Society dog show Castellana)”.

Not bad, knowing what FIMASCOTA and what is la Castellana Canine society, We are going directly to the event, our opinion, praise, criticism and curiosities.


I think that all event dedicated to an animal (and their rights as, therefore not included bullfighting), It is good news for our indifferent society. It helps to be naturalice having "pets" and opens horizons for the large number of races that exist. These are the "pro" in compressed format.

"As"against"we have to these exhibitions", dejan outside our field of vision to the giant group of mestizo dogs who live among us and do not have the opportunity to show off its beauty in these events. They are not "race".
Because, that is a reality and have no other pull it..., This is a very personal opinion and its only aim is to give our opinion in addition to providing information about the different breeds (dog, cats, etc.).

It is not a destructive criticism towards the exhibitions… On the other hand, I really liked to see dogs of breeds that I consider admirable, and thanks to their owners make them a photo!


Dedicated exclusively to the protagonists: animals. Not only had dogs, There were cats, fish, parrots, cobayas…

Also, the owners of the dogs (This is what most saw because we went with our dog and we could not enter the other sites with it) What, They kindly let us photographing your pets. For the constant dedication towards them, going another compliment.

A compliment and special congratulations to Greyhound Leku to be there in order to enhance the adoption and denouncing abuse at the Greyhound in Spain (What, Unfortunately, We give the note is this…). For Greyhound Leku a Thank you as a large House.


We found it very desorganizado… We miss little less signs with the name of the races.

The decoration very saw pobre…, long grey, It looks like a warehouse, giving the photo a tone quite cutre… See a Afghan Greyhound with its majestic elegance in a grey background as 'in works’…, is a homely contrast.


We saw two puppies from Xoloitzcuintle three months!! It is a breed of Mexican origin, very rare in these parts. Didn't take part in the exhibition, they were owned by a vallisoletano marriage who are dedicated to raising this breed (If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy you can contact breeders).

A Dogo Argentino, licking the hand all cuddlier. It is a dog that imposes, big, tosco (“Dangerous race”), but was ' a cacho bread’.

"Concentration of dogs"Newfoundland”.

See a Portuguese water dog.

Y, I leave some photos because sino… list will be very long.

FIMASCOTA Photo Gallery 2012: Exposition canine in Valladolid

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