Chilean Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier Chileno

The Fox Chilean Terrier, It is the first Chilean canine race followed by the dog Ovejero Magallánico. The Buzzard, as it's also called, It is a race that dates from the end of the 19th century, originating from the mixture of English Fox Terrier and dogs that existed at the arrival of the Spaniards.

Since a few years ago that the Trade Union Association of breeders and exhibitors dogs Chile (OFFICIAL, A.G.) He has been developing the project which is intended to be the first Chile dog breed officially recognized, period in which specialized samples have been organized, implemented a system of identification and has formed a team of enthusiastic and studious of these dogs work.

This has been the impact and the response of the lovers of dogs for this race in Chile, that for some time it has been integrated to the Group 11 by the Kennel Club of Chile (KCC),with the permission of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

These dogs, they tend to be quite territorial and even aggressive with strangers and pedestrians, but at the same time they are shy and extremely attached to their owners.

According to many, These dogs, they are very obedient and easy to train, It is said that they have a great capacity for concentration. They are also very nervous, which is why most of the time, they are trembling give an appearance of fragility or cold, but they are just nerves.

Its main color is the white background, with Brown and black spots. It has long, thin legs, which are very useful for jumping and running with great speed. They have a feline appearance, that they bow his column as cats, and they tend to jump great heights without hurting you.
They are usually used for hunting smaller and - mostly- as dogs of company.

The fur is short, smooth, tight and glossy; covers the entire body of the dog, introducing more fine in the ears, neck, in the interior and bottom part of the forelimbs and behind the thighs. The males are usually measured in 32 - 38 cm., and females, of 28 - 35 cm.. The weight of the males is of 6 - 8 k. and in females in 5 - 7 k.

Talk of the Chilean Fox Terrier implies go Chile history since the 18th century.

There is a history of its presence in Chile in the colonial era, When European immigrants settled in the territory of South America, bringing copies of race hair Fox Terrier smooth (English race), Fox hunters, but also distinguished exterminators of rats, and small rodents.

In Chile, These “Terrier” Europeans crossed with local dogs give life, to the current Chilean Fox Terrier, dogged Hunter of mice, of small stature, hair is short and clean.

English ancestors inherited temperament restless and barking, While the local dogs the balance it calcó, the courage, loyalty and spirit of the guard.

At the end of the 19th century and the industrial revolution many farmers migrate to the cities, bringing their families and their Chilean Fox Terrier. He quickly manages to adapt to urban life, being used in new industries and new settlements for the extermination of rats. Due to this last factor, It is that the Chilean Fox Terrier is identified during almost throughout the last century with the obrera-proletaria class in the country, element played against against those who were beginning to take the first steps to establish the cinófila activity in Chile, mostly immigrants and members of the gentry of the time, those who became more interested in the placement and development of alien races that in recognition of the Chilean Fox Terrier.

Despite almost zero interest in the local cinófilos of the period presented therein, the Chilean Fox Terrier continued to be present in the homes of the middle class of the country, even more popular, through the Condorito comic strip and his always faithful “Washington”, a Chilean Fox Terrier that leaves revealed “the Chilean” This small dog.

The Chilean Fox Terrier is currently present in the territory of the country, because it has the virtue of adapting to the large variety of climates from Chile, being used even in rural areas as a Hunter of mice and, in the city, as an excellent companion dog, attentive and lively.

Chilean Fox Terrier

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