Fox Terrier smooth hair

The first official standard of the smooth Fox Terrier dates of 1876.

It is a very strong dog, Perhaps for prominent in their creation characteristics, strong JAWS, developed teeth, especially brave and impulsive. Let us not forget that as well as the Fox Terrier of hair hard, It was created to assist in the hunting of foxes, and from there it derives its hardness and ferocity.

The standard measures, the Fox Terrier should be no more than appeal to the 40 cm and weighing approximately 8 Kg, females are always minor measures. It has flat and narrow skull, with snout that sharpens gradually towards the black truffle. Dark eyes, small, but very lively. The ears are small and in the form of “V”, falling forward close to the cheeks and never on the sides of the head. The coat must be smooth, abundant hair. The background color is always white, with Brown and black spots.

They are lively, assets, very playful, friendly, and caring with the family members. In fact the characteristics, removing the style of the mantle are equal to the of the Terrier wire-haired Fox.

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