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Cats Aphrodite they are one of the two natural breeds of Cyprus. The Aphrodite are generally larger that the St Helen. Helen’s. They have triangular head, long body and high legs. Profile has a slight fall and nose is long and straight. The … Read the rest

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cat aegean

The the Aegean cat ( Aegean ) It is a natural breed of cat coming from the Greece Cyclades Islands. The development of this breed began in the Decade of 1990 by breeders of Cat Fancy of Greece. It is considered … Read the rest

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German long-haired

German long-haired

German long-haired has waited long time for the international recognition despite the existence of the breed standard and the scale of points from 1929. The only thing that was missing until a few years ago was a registered breed that correspond to this standard. After the 2 ª … Read the rest

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Angora Alemán

Angora Alemán

At the end of the 19th century appeared repeatedly in the paintings of Anton July Adam, call “Adam-Gatos”, in the from Henriette Ronner-Knip and in the work of Arthur Heyer strikingly similar this breed semi-long haired cats.

In this period there was no … Read the rest

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Chinese Harlequin

Chinese Alrlequin

The color pattern of the Chinese Harlequin is called Van. This pattern is also found in the Turkish Van, but this cat is long-haired.

It is a domestic breed, hair short, bicolor: a predominantly white cat, but with a black tail and black spots on the head and body.

The … Read the rest

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The Antipodes formerly known as New Zealand for short hair and / or the long hair of Australia.

These cats are descendants of cats that early European settlers brought with them New Zealand to keep rodents away from food.

Cats … Read the rest

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Russian Blue

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue was already accepted for a time as a natural blue race, similar to the chartreaux or the Korat. The breed declined at the beginning of the 20th century but recovered in the Decade of 1950.

More recently, It has been stated that … Read the rest

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Australian Mist

Australian Mist

In 1977 Dr. Truda Stræde, the creator of the breed Australian Mist, It presented an idea to the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Cat Control (This body was replaced by the Cat Fanciers’ Association of NSW, a member agency of the Coordinating Council of the cat from Australia) for … Read the rest

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