Cat despite allergy: These cat breeds are suitable for allergy sufferers


Some breeds of cats are well tolerated by most allergy sufferers.


First of all, a disclaimer: Despite many articles claiming otherwise, unfortunately there is no completely hypoallergenic breed of cat. So there is no cat that is guaranteed not to cause an allergic reaction in any allergy.. This also applies to hairless cats like the Canadian Sphynx.

Contrary to what you might think, it is not the hair that causes the allergy, but a protein found in the saliva of cats, among other things. When cats lick their fur, protein is distributed there and can reach humans through the air, causing sneezing and itchy eyes. The length of the cat's coat does not necessarily determine if you are allergic or not.

However, there is a breed of cat that is as compatible as possible for allergy sufferers: the siberian cat. This breed has been found to cause fewer allergic reactions than others, explains the scientist Leslie Lyons in Smithonian magazine.

These cats are the most suitable for allergy sufferers

But more than a roulette game of online casino, of course, it is important to do a thorough test before buying to see if you are allergic to the cat or not. In case of doubt, each cat is unique, even if it belongs to a breed that is considered truly allergy friendly, reactions may occur.

Vaccine as a solution for those allergic to cats?

But there are reasons for hope: Zurich researchers have developed a vaccine that is supposed to neutralize allergy-causing proteins. Even allergy sufferers could snuggle with vaccinated cats. But you still have to be patient until then: The vaccine is not expected to be on the European market until 2020.

Are cats more suitable for allergy sufferers than cats?

There is clear evidence that female cats are more suitable for allergy sufferers than cats. Female cats are more hypoallergenic than cats. Therefore, cause allergies less frequently in percentage. It makes no difference if they are neutered or not. Quite the opposite of his male colleagues: If cats are neutered, the level of allergy on your skin drops by half! Therefore, those allergic to cats should choose a neutered cat or cat. In addition, cat breeds that have little hair and, therefore, are less likely to cause allergies. Because the allergy trigger protein called “Fel d1” adheres to cat hair and, therefore, allergy potential is significantly increased in cats with strong hairs. Non-furry or slightly furry cats can, therefore, potentially cause fewer allergies.

Comparatively little hair is lost by cats:

Of course there is no guarantee for allergy free cats, so an individual test should always be done in advance. Here allergy tests and, blood tests can help. It doesn't matter which cat you decide: In the best case, spend enough time with her in advance to make sure no allergic reaction occurs.


Sphynx by

Arnie, a stray cat known for his extraordinary talent as a nanny

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Arnie wandered toward the zoo in the year 2000 and quickly made its way into the hearts of the staff of the Zoo. The name of Arnie shot to fame after leaving photos of him with a lion cub in the international headlines. Even after being the center of attention, Arnie didn't let that fame ascended to the head. He continued in his role as friend of all, greeting to the guests of the Zoo (especially to those who took him sweets), Pest controllers, and staff.

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The story began when an employee of the Mayor's Office was fed a kitten who lived next to the administrative building. The animal, known as Freddy, He soon started to wait for the woman every morning at the gates of the City Hall. The inhabitants of the city wanted the cat and he appointed the city talisman, but then they decided to give him a more important title and he appointed mayor.

It should be mentioned that the town of Sharon, in which they live a 1.500 people, It is rather peculiar and even its own President, Although in this case it is a person. The new mayor enjoys respect its neighbours, and meet him in the streets is considered a great honor. Cars always stop when the "senior official" crosses the street.

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